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From: victoria

Subject: my mum died
my mum died afew months ago and it's tough.

Reply from: salyy
Subject : i know
hey i know how you felt i lost my mum 7 months ago and it is the hardest thing but all i can say is that it does get easier. honest.
you go throughe so many emotions but soon it will all settle hope you are copping ok hope this helps wb xxxxx
Reply from: victoria
Subject : thank you
thank you. i hope that you are coping better. it has got easier but not by much. i couldn't of done it without my friends.

last year my mum had cancer. we thought it had gone but it hadn't. afew days before she died i was told that it could be a small possibility that she could die. i didn't think that it was going to happen but it had hppened. it was the worst thing that i had ever gne through.

don't forget all the good memories that you had with your mum.

hope this helps you
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