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From: K.a.t.i.e.

Subject: My sister's mummy.
When I was 4, my dad got a new girlfriend. They were never married but they stayed together until I was about eleven and had a child together, so would yuo say that she was baisically my stepmother? I am 13 now, and I had pretty much no contact with her apart from dropping off my sis and seeing her out sometimes. Last month, she threw herself under a train. My poor little sister is only 7, shes lost her mummy forever. Last time i saw her, she told my mum how much she missed me. I missed having her around too. Everyone acts like its easy for me. Its not. I'm not allowed to tell my sister it was suicide, its really bugging me. I want to be there for her but Im hurting too. What should I do? Please help me!

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