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From: no name

Subject: Double Tragedy
When I was 14 I had hit double tragedy. Losing my mum at age 11 to breast cancer was....there are no words that can describe but at age 14 I lost my Nan. She had been ill but I never thought she would go. I was crying off and on for about 10 minutes and it hadn't even hit me, not to mention I was playing in a match in a hours time. My brother hadn't even reached double figures when he lost the two most influential females. So it was just me and my dad and brother. Who could I talk to about girl problems. Talking to your DAD about them is harder than you think. But what annoys me most was that downstairs my dad and brother were playing and laughing wile I was grieving. For many people Friday is a great day, for me, the worst experiences in my life originate from it.

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