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From: Georgia

Subject: Daddy <3
its been 8weeks and 4days since i lost my daddy, and we shouldnt of lost him he should still be here with us today and i shouldnt be writting this. I was told that my daddy was getting better by the hospital, he should of been getting better we were told and its well known that no body dies due to 17% burns! so what went wrong? i still dont understand how the hospitals could do this to us they have torn the family apart nothing is the same anymore and they have gone on like nothing has happened!
i never had chance to tell my daddy that i loved him, i just want to see him again to see his smile hear his voice and his laugh and just to have a cuddle and a kiss

i hate them why have they done this to us my daddy was always happy and up for a laugh a good person he never done anywrong i just still cant believe it, i feel like im living a nightmare i just want to wake up from this!

i still expect to walk in the room and he will be there, for him to wake me up for school in the mornings, i sit and wait for 4:45 when he would come home and it just comes and go's life is empty with out him its just not fair!

i miss you and love you daddy; sleep tight and wait for me xx

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