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From: sara

Subject: Im lost...
Im lost what can I say my best friend Greg ive known since I was 4 is gone. He was def like a brother to me.  He grew up  with me in Illinois, he went to school in Atlanta, GA for business/marketing some1 in a split second took his life at a gas station no MOTIVE NO NOTHING.  How worthless and imature.  They will suffer in gods way! All he wanted was for his mom to never work again because she was a single mom that worked to make her children happy and to have nice things.  He wanted to return that back to her.  I dont understand why and only god will know that answer.  I will be with him someday. I love him so much. brother and sister for life! ' Sara~

Reply from: richie

Subject : nikki
i lost my daughter who was a daddys girl in every way, it was sudden n unexpected from an asthma attack i had 2 id her body its killing me but more imp her 8yr old sister has received no help at all n i cant cope, my marriage is dead as well, i cant speak to n e 1 , i feel totally alone, pple say it gets easier, they r talking rubbish, its getting harder 4 me, i go down grave sumtimes at 2 or 3 in morning just 2 b near her , i really feel 4 u n any1 who feels like i do cos its hell. god bless xx

Dear Richie,

Thank you for your message, and I am sorry to hear about your loss.  Just to let you know that this service is for young people, however, you can contact us on and check our website on  This service is for adults.  Please do email us so that we can reply in person to you - Anji, RD4U Team

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