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Message from: @li - 20 Jan 04

Subject: dad

My dad died at the end of november in 2003, im findin it hard to deal with my feelins, they confuse me. I find it hard to cry but i want to. it has hit me really hard becoz im onli 15 and i no loads of kids have lost their parents younger than me but i still feel too young. He was onli 47. I wud like to tlk to any1 who is feelin like I am. @li

Reply from: Nicky - 21 Jan 04

Subject: Dad

My dad died in march(03) n i know how u feel. I cry but sumtimes i feel like i shudnt coz it'll upset mi mum. I'm only 13 n mi dad woz only 41. my m8ts find it difficult 2 tlk bout it coz they don't understand.
If u eva need 2 tlk 2 sum1 i'm hear 2 lisen - sorry bout ure dad
Luv Nicky xXx.

Reply from: carol - 21 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

im so sorry 2 hear bout ur dad last year in november the 23rd i lost my mate he woz just 15 years old it is realy hard to cope its like there is a piece of you that is missing. When i first heard that he had died i couldnt stop crying and i had to cry my self to sleep but i am slowly getting there just try and think of the good times that you has plz write bk carol xxx

Reply from: @li - 22 Jan 04

Subject: dad

hi, thanks 4 replyin to my message, im the onli one out of most people in my year who has been bereaved in a bad way, so i have no1 to tlk to. i want to cry but i cant, i get so frustrated. i realli miss my dad. how r u feelin? @li

Reply from: Nicky - 23 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

I miss mi dad loads n i bet u feel da same. i'm the only 1 in mi yr that as gone through sumthin this bad. sumtimes i feel so upset i cant cry i'll just sit n think bout everythin thats happened - how bout u?
If u need 2 tlk i'm still hear 2 listen
Luv Nicky xXx

Reply from: Dana - 27 Jan 04

Subject: DaD :-(

Hey i just lost my dad. Everyone around me is like "i'm so sorry" What do you say to them. I'm the only kid in my school who has lost some one. I just want my space but everyone is around all the time. I haven't had the time to really cry. The same with my brother. I'm only 13. I'm still hoping it is all a bad dream. He didn't even make it to my graduation and he won't be there to walk me down the aisle when i get married. What do i do? do you have any advice?

Reply from: @li - 27 Jan 04

Subject: dad

im ok. i feel so like crap, its unfair. my dad shudnt of died and none of my friends understand. my m8s sometimes have a go at me for feelin wot i do but i guess they dont understand. its gd tlkin to some1 like u, hu has gone thro it, like i have. i hope u dont mind me askin but how did ur dad die? im hear to listen 2 if u need me to. @li xxxxx

Reply from: janey - 29 Jan 04

Subject: my dad

hi im really sorry to hear about ur dads mine died 29th january 2003 an tomarrow will b a year since an its doesnt feel like it at all i still miss im so much i dont think im the same as i use to b i feel really empty an lonely an some night i just think of im an i burst out cryin i dont think i will ever b the same again i can tlk to my m8s about it but i feel they dont understand since my dads died ive bin drinkin every weekend it just sorts my head out i no i sudnt coz im only 13 but i get really depressed an i cant stand not bein able to see him anymore an wats hurts the most iz thinkin bout the future like wat he iz goin to miss my weddin my kids etc .. i hope ur all ok i no its hard an not easy but all i can say iz b strong an take care luv janey x x x x

Reply from: Jess - 09 Feb 04

Subject: (no subject)

Hi @li, I'm really sorry to hear about your dad. Can I ask how he died? I'm also sorry to hear that your friends aren't being very helpful, I think that's really horrible of them telling you to shut up etc. Are there none of your friend's who you can talk to a bit about your loss? X

Reply from: kerry - 17 Feb 04

Subject: my dad

my dad died in september 2002 while he was at work an its really hard cos it dus feel like ur all alone wit no1 2 tlk 2!so if anyone wants sum1 2 tlk 2 im here 4 ya all but im really findin it hard to deal with cos no one nos bout how i feel apart from a teacher at skul but now hes told me to go and find a proffessional cos he thinks its got to bad!!im really low n my mum dnt av a clue n now ive finally found sum peeps who are similar 2 me plz reply n tell me how u lot feel. luv kez xx

Reply from: leanne - 27 Feb 04

Subject: (no subject)

hi, not really sure what to write but after reading the other messages i realised im not alone in the way i feel/think. i lost my dad suddenly in oct 03 i was 19 at the time and constantly think of all the things my dad will miss, my graduation, when i have children, and not being there when i get married. my mum kinda laughed when i said these things to her, she doesnt understand y these things r so important to me and my sister, sje even said she'd give me away if i ever get married as if that should make it all better. the worst thing is she is always trying to replace what we've lost, she feels like she has to make up for our loss but she doesnt understand she never can.

im away at uni and still feel like im constantly being watched, she doesnt get that sometimes i need space, anyway take care ppl x

Reply from: chelsea

Subject:(no subject)

oh sweetie i lost my mam nearly 7 years ago im 14 now and it still hasnt hit me im never going to c her again i hate it ad still get annoyed with it dont bottle things up it helps to talk it will get easier hang in there and b strong hun xx

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