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From: ellie

Subject: my fiancee got killed in afghan :(
on august 4th 2009 the most auwfull thing in the world happend too me while my fiancee was out serving in afghanistan his vehicle he was driving in in babaji helmand was unfortunately targeted as a roadside bomb tore straight through ther wa 5 other troops in the vehicle but only anthony died he was my life and im finding it auwfully hard to cop as he left me with our 1 year old son....we wer due to marry in december  the only thing keeping me goin is the fact i have his child n i need to make him so proud ov me like he died a proud hero fighting for our country i may sound brave but i cry as i write this message its heartbreaking id give anything too see him again n cuddle him....i jst have too make him proud n bring our child up to the best that i can n im sure hes watchin over me......i miss him soo much n dooo fink i cant go on xxx   .R.I.P. ANTHONY A TRUE SCUNTHORPE HERO XXX I LOVE YOU

Reply from: Chrissie
Subject : sorry
I am Terribly sorry for your loss Ellie. Im sure he is deeply missed, the positive is that he died fighting for his country, and thats really great of him. <3 I have several members of my family fighting in afganistan, two of them have sadly passed away too. I know how how it feels. trust me <3

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