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From: grayc

Subject: death too.
my grandad died in 2004,
he suffered from lung cancer couldn't eat for two years. he wouldnt eat with us at the table as he would cry and we would all feel bad, i was 9 when he passed away my mum and dad obviously knew his time was up and helped me and my brother get ready for our loss, we didnt go to school for two days before he died as we spent it with him and the ones closest to us, so we could all work as a team to get through it, although i miss him so much and everytime i go into his room i cry and cry, i love him+miss him alot. now im just scared of my nan dying. me and my nan are soo sooo close and after what happened with my grandad im just to scared of having to go through it again, and im worried for my mum, then she would have lost her mum and dad and she would be on the verge, i dont like talking about my grandads death in person, id rather write it all down like this, so it makes it easier to blurt things out, but crying helps alot.
take care and keep safe

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