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From: bethany

Subject: how do you live?
Hi just wondering how do you live without your mum? please can you leave me some advice!
To make it even worse thnking bout my mum my dads girlfriend just had a baby girl called Lola! But I dont know what to do! I am holding it in at the minute I need some advice! My head teacher already put me through counciling!
every one said it helped me but I before I went I promised to not think of it!

thanks for reading


Reply from: Rachel
Subject : Losing Your Mum
Hey babe, i know exactly how u feel. my mum died 2and a half years ago and my dad was dating ppl 3months after she died. they were together 27yrs n it still makes me sick now when hes with other women.
does he know that its upsetting you?x
Reply from: Natalie
Subject : Don't hold it in
My mum died 6 months ago, I am 10, and I had councelling at school too. Dont' hold it in because it hurts more, if you have a councellor, describe your feelings to them because it helps.

My councellor helped me make a memory book for my mum, all sorts of things about my mum, I drew pictures of my mum and I think it really helped me because it's something to remember of her.

Hope you feel stronger soon.

From Natalie

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