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From: jennifer

Subject: Lost my mum after 10year of cancer
i was 16 when my mum died, i watched her slowy drain away, and now its been 7mnths and its hitting me, i feel angry, at her and myself, because she left me when i needed her, and its killing me that i never got to say goodbye.
all i hear when im sleeping is how her breathing was when she died that deep painful sound, im just so tired i wanna be with her wanna make some more memories, something.
my dad and sister keep saying shes here with us, but i just feel cold, like nothing can hurt me more than my mum dieing already has.
im lost i dont know what to do, or how to move on. x

Reply from: Megan
Subject : I Lost My Mum
I Lost My Mum To And I Was Only Nine And It Is Very Hard with Out Your Mum And I Know How Yous All Feel And Dont Worry I Bet Everyone Is 100% Behide You And Just Try Your Best To To Get On With Your Life Cause You Can Get Very Depresed So Just remeber Your Mum Is 100% Looking over youright Now!:)
Reply from: jennifer
Subject : thnks
thanks, its just hard to imagine her not being in life ever again.
and sorry about your mum, must have been hard.
Reply from: chantelle
Subject : i lost my mum 2
I just lost my mum in may and im only 17, its really hard i feel angry to but i just keep telling my self im just going to focus on a career and everything that my mum would have been proud of me for and everytime sumthing happens i say to my self what would my mum do, helps me through the days. also my mum used to always say Dont worry about a thing coz everything is gny b awryt, that keeps me going to x
Reply from: AliceKay

Subject: I also lost my Mum to cancer.
I was 9 and she had been battling it ever since i was a baby.
I'm 16 now and still find it extremely hard. My Dad has since re-married a woman who hates me and is soon to be divorcing her. I feel he has moved on and know he doesn't like talking about what happened to Mum. I also can't talk to my friends as they 'Feel sorry' for me and get upset,  and i really don't like that.
So glad i found this website where there are other people similar to me to talk to.

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