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From: jamie-lee

Subject: My cry for help
Just a few moths ago  my boyfriends mother got told that she had canser
now i am havin to take all the bad thoughts in becausei dont want tp upset him. he has told me that if anything happens to his mum that he is going to kill himselv i can't cope with another death i have lost toomany friends in my life i dont want to lose the love of my life.. i dont know what to do xxxx

From RD4U:
We are very sorry to hear that you have lost too many friends in your life. You say you don't want to lose your boyfriend's mother. I would encourage you to telephone Childline on 0800 1111 who are a 24 hour helpline. They are all very experienced and you can talk to them. Also there is an organisation called Macmillan Cancer Support on 08088082020 who are there to help those who have cancer and  to help people, like you, who are affected by seeing that person has cancer. It is good that that you have sent this message and then other young people will reply.

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