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From: sarah

Subject: its ok not to be strong
i lost my dad when i was 14 im 18 now and think that through hard times like you have experienced its ok not to be strong once in a while. if you need to cry then cry,dont feel like you need to put on a brave face every day of your life. try tlking to your brother about things if he knows how you feel he will feel more open to tlking to you about how he feels. i have an older brother hes 5yr older and he never tlks about the loss of our dad i think he feels like he needs to be the father figur for me, but i personally think that him being like that makes it harder for me to tlk to him about it , i dont feel like i can, now i dont want you to think that your doing this all wrong cos im not saying that. everyone is different i dont know you and i dont know your brother so i dont know what would be best for you, only you will know that. i just feel that from my experience is that if my brther had been more open with me i would have been with him.
remember to laugh it always helps.
cry if you need to.
scream if you need to.
shout if you need to.
and sit by your self if you need to.
nothing that you do will be wrong, everyone copes in different ways.
its ok.
ly xxx

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