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From: Lynae

Subject: my boyfriend died
My boyfriend died a month ago in a rock climbing accident and I miss him so much.  I prayed for years for a guy just like him and I finally found him.  We both knew that this was going to be it.  I knew what I had when he was alive and that's why I can't understand why he was taken from me.  I never took him for granted.  I don't even want to go on now, I just want to be wherever he is.

From RD4U:
We are sorry to hear that your boyfriend died a month ago. It is good that you have written a message and then other young people will reply. If you want to talk on the phone do call us on 08088081677 which is open from 930am to 5pm Monday to Friday. There is also another good helpline called Childline on 0800 1111. If you want to see someone face to face to talk with we have branches of bereavement support workers and details are on our website We hope this is helpful. Best wishes  

Reply from: ellie
Subject : my fiancee died at war at the age of 21
hello im sorry to hear that i know exzactly wt u r goin fru as my fiancee got killed in afghan 3 weeks ago as a roadside bomb tore through his vehicle killing him instantly at the wheel leaving behin me and our 1 year old soon im only 19 n feel i cnt cope either his funeral is this thursday and im dreading it but if u wanna tlk pls do rite back n im sorri xx
Reply from: crissy
Subject : sister boyfriend
Pls can anyone help her?? I anyone willing to talk to her who has been thru the same thing - I really think it would help. Her world is over and I am so scared for her. She is 22 yrs old


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