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Message from: laura - 19 Jan 04

Subject: when does it get easier?

i lost my grandma in september 2003. it didnt hit me at first that she was gone but wen it came to the beggining of december it hit home. sine then i havent stopped thinking about her and crying. she was the closest thing to me in my life, closer than anyone else will ever be to me!
looking at some of your messages about losing your parents i feel selfish, but my grandma was closer to me than my mum is.
its been four months now people keep telling me only time will help but how much time, i cant take much more of it, if anyone can help please do.

Reply from: Calvin - 21 Jan 04

Subject: time

Hi i'm sorry to hear about ur grandma. I know how u feel i lost my nan in december 2003 and she was like a mum to me. my actual mum left after my brother died and my nan was laways there for me nad when i was younger i got the blame for most things and she would always be there and stick up for me. i havent come to terms with it yet and not sure i will because i'm still devestated about losing my brother and i still go to visit my nan and then realise shes not there. I know that people say it takes time and it gets easier and it is true for most people and in time u will probably feel better there is no set time some people it takes 5 weeks others 5 years. in my case i have been to 15 funerals in 4 years and i know deep down in my heart i will never recover from the loss of my brother, and when it hits me about nan it will be even worse. i hope that u can start to feel better soon try and remember some of the good times u had that works for some people. if u need to talk i know what ur going through.

Reply from: Nicky - 21 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

My grandma died wen i woz 9. den mi dad died last yr in march ive had mi fair share ov death.
I don't think there is a certain amount ov time it will take 2 get ova her death. noone knows how u feel so no one can say. all i can say is try 2 remember all the gud times u 2 shared thats partly how i got ova mi grandma n the otha way wen u eva need 2 tlk dont bottle it all up let all ure emotions out - it might b easier sed then done but in time it'll get easier. its harder 4 mi 2 get ova mi dad most ov mi dont wont 2 get ova him i miss him so much
If u eva need 2 tlk bout anything i'm here 4 u!
Luv Nicky xXx

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