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From: sarah

Subject: My Granda
We just got a call at about half 2 this morning to say my granda had passed away about 1.05am.He was terminally ill with prostate cancer and had been in and out of hospital with prostate/bladder problems over the last two years.I seen him last night about 6pm and held his hand and gave him a kiss.He squeezed my hand and i hope it was an acknowledgement that he knew it was me.His son (my dad) and my uncle did not speak for a few years over something stupid but now i feel that my dad wont be welcome at the funeral and it breaks my heart.I dont think i can sleep or eat.I was speaking to a friend of mine earlier on this evening as his mother and father had died of cancer within a year of each other and he said i should go round and whisper in his ear that i loved him, i didnt even get the chance....

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