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Message from: gabrielle - 13 Jan 04

Subject: any advice?

on march 20, 2004 it will be exactly 6 years since my dad killed himself.. i was such a daddy's girl that it's been hard to cope.. i'm only 14 years old right now, but my mom says that i should act older and stop being upset over his death (when my dad died, he and my mom were split up and did not speak).. but i also feel bad for my mom because at my dad's funeral my uncle gary blamed his suicide on her and told her he was going to kill her.. i really need advice on how to talk to my mother.. any suggestions?

Reply from: Zoe - 15 Jan 04

Subject: advice?

i know how hard it is to deal with a death like this. and its not so easy to get over when that someone took their own life. try to talk to your mum and tell her how you feel, but also let her know that you are only 14 and having to deal with someone close dieing is always going to ba hard no matter what age. i hope this has helped. try talking to your uncle as well, he was probably angry that he lost a brother, i know ive got angry at many people, but your dad is the one to blame as harsh as that sounds, but when it came down to it he had the choice. i hope things get sorted out for you. Zoe x x x x

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