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Message from: Jayne - 05 Jan 04

Subject: long time doesnt seam it

i was 7 yrs old when i lost my dad i still find it hard to believe that i have lived over half my life with out him it still feels like just yesterday the memorys are still there the bad 2 though. People still dnt talk about hm its like he never existed sometimes its so confusing but hurts when your friends are buying cards and presents for there dad fair enough i could bt i would never get to give them to him. My friends dnt understand i dnt expect them to bt they act in a way like he neva existed x

Reply from: citizen x - 06 Jan 04

Subject: your dad

hi jayne,im sorry to hear about your dad,i know it was a while ago but it still can be so hard to carry on without someone no matter how hard you try or how long ago it was.i no it can be hard when people seem to carry on without even thinking about him but perhaps its their way of coping.i may not necessarily mean that they hav forgot or dont care.i think it is just a case of staying strong and cherishing the memories that yo hav.i dnt know whether you were looking for advice but i hope i hav been able to help.take care.

Reply from: JAYNE - 07 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

thanks in a way it had helped i suppose i already knew that but nneded it putting into perspective i stay strong thankyouxx

Reply from: Keira - 08 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

Hi Jayne,
i no wot it feels like, i'm in ur situation aswell, my dad died in march and all although my friends have been there 4 me they stil avoid tlkin abt him infront ov me, wen i want 2 tlk abt him.
If u want sum1 2 tlk 2, i'm here. :-)

Reply from: citizen x - 08 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

i'm glad i was able to help.and if you do feel the need to leave another message please do and i'll be glad to answer it.take care

Reply from: Nicky - 13 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

I'm sorry 2 hear bout ure dad. My dad died 9 months ago n i know how hard it is. Sum times u feel like u dont have any luck n da whole worlds against u.
If u wont 2 tlk bout ure dad, or anything den i'm here 2 listen.
Luv Nicky xXx.

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