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Message from: Adi - 05 Jan 04

Subject: Can someone please help me?

Can someone please help me?

Reply from: Nikki - 05 Jan 04

Subject: what's wrong?

what's wrong?

Reply from: jayne - 06 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

do u wana talk i will do nefin 2 hlp !!! ure nt alone promise x

Reply from: Adi - 08 Jan 04

Subject: Need some help :(

My dad died a few months ago and my nan died a month later. Then recently a little girl who was friends with my little brothers fell out a window, and she died too and that was the final straw. I feel so awful i wish i would die and i feel like everything thats happened is my fault. I keep having mood swings n the only relief i get is by cutting myself. I know this sounds like typical behavior when someone close to you dies, but i feel so awful

Reply from: - 13 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

people react differently how ever cutting your self may seam the best option how ever ive seen the effects wen my sister lost grip. It hurts like crazy the fact that its happened but it is not your fault its no ones fault sorry to sound blunt but its life just think your lil brother looks up to u u need to be role model and as hard as it is stay strong for him and stop self harming u need to be there for him ope this has helped focus on the positives dnt blame ure self xxxx

Reply from: citizen x - 13 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

hey adi.sorry to hear about ur dad and gran.i can understand that loads of people dieing at he same time can be real stressful and upseting,but you can't start blaming yourself.People hav deifferent ways of coping with their grief and they find that the pain of 'cutting' help them block out the pain of losing their lost one.but in time i think you will be able to stop and move on,but it will only happen if you want it to.maybe you need to find a different way of chanelling your feeling like visiting places that you and your dad shared,or a poem about your nan,just anything that help you think about your nan and dad with out upseting you so much that you feel the need to cut yourself.i hope i have been able to help and plz feel free to leave another message if you want.good luck and take care.

Reply from: Adi - 15 Jan 04

Subject: Its like an addiction

Thanks for all your suggestions evryone:) I reely appriciate the fact that you care. Today I found out that I'm probs gona get beaten up @ skool 4 sumthin i didnt do so things r gettin even harder. Wen i cut myself, i feel like im cuttin away the bad parts of myself, cos i dnt feel like a nice person an i feel so missunderstood. I rite songs and poems, and it does help, but honestly, wen i get angry or upset, the first thing that comes to mind is to cut myself, cos i feel so much better and it helps me, and i crave it. I do try to be a positive role model to my younger brothers and sister, they don't know i cut myself, and it's unlikely that they'll find out. I'm kinda distanced from my family rite now cos evrything that coud go wrong has and at this very moment, my mum and stepdad are having a row. I wish they'd just shut up! Its another thing I'm finding hard to deal with, mum and terry constantly rowing, any suggestions anyone?:(

Reply from: - 16 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

FIrstly if u r going to get beat up either go to the police of teachers sounds daft but it works anything will help! Stop cutting ure self and seak councilling advice the more u self harm the more the bullys are winning x

Reply from: Adi - 20 Jan 04

Subject: It's not the bullies

The reason I cut myself is cos I don't like the peson I am, not cos of the way people treat me, although it doesn't help. I didn't get beaten up and I laughed in the people who wanted to beat me up's faces. So I laughed last litrally. I tried having counselling but it didn't help at all. Today is one of my good days thought so...I'm ok at the moment. Thanks for looking out for me though, it's nice to know people care. xXx

Reply from:Saphron


u need 2 tell some1 whats wrong or no 1 will be able 2 help u. i thought u might of put down whats wrong, so u should of written it down. i have helpped lots of people, but urs is 1 of the hardest. if u don't know whats wrong, just write a diary and then see whats wrong with urself.

Reply from: ----

Subject: ------

hey i know what you feel in one month my grandma passed away and twelve days later so did my dad, only to hear that a week after my dad passed so did my partners mother, at times i felt like cutting myself only to focous my psychological pain into physical pain and for a minute in life to forget everything, nothin in life can hurt u more and i truly trly understand how crazy you get when u loose people in your life, you cange as a person and isolate yourself from reality because well to be honest you could care less about crappy conversations and grief from people who do not understand what you are going through does not make it better, the best thing is to find time to heal within yourself,at the end of the day you are your own person ,,,,,what you have in your life is the memories of what you had and no one can take them away from you and you should never forget them, my love to you stranger and im glad there is someone in life who has shared my experience XXXX

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