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Message from: Kirstie - 02 Jan 04

Subject: Life......

Life whats it about?
We go through so much pain losing loved ones and with luck we pull through!!!!! Its so strange!
I've had a hard Christmas this Year, Every Christmas is different, most of the time i really look forward to christmas but this year i haven't!
I've lost people in my life who are really close to me, my Dad and best friend among them! And this year i've felt lost for some reason! I've been away @ uni in Derby and b4 coming back home i was in tears everynite coz i didn't want to be there (@uni)Now I'm home i love being wiv my friends & family and i really don't want to go back to uni! I love the course i'm doing but i hate being in Derby! Its not the place for me! Don't get me wrong i love me independce but i don't really want to be there! And this has made me loose the happniess of christmas! I've missed being able @ the end of a day and feelin abit down just going to sit @ my Dad's or best friends Grave side!
Can't say i enjoy Xmas anymore!
I really miss my Dad And Best Friend this christmas more than others!

Reply from: Kirsty - 13 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

Well, why dont you talk to your uni, tell them what is going thru your head. Ask them if you can start a fresh this september, or something like that. The uni should understand.
i hope this helps. I have tried goingto school when my nan died, and it didn't go to well, but they understood and they were there to help me, even if your uni wont let you restart they will be able to offer you all the advice you should need.
take care.

Reply from: samantha
Subject : your ok
my dad deid on the 20th of august 09 `i know how you feel im only 11 . my mum said to think of the good times ten u will feel better

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