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Message from: Nikki - 29 Dec 03

Subject: Its hard

my little brother, harry, died coming up 4 months ago he was 6. he was the most gental and effectionate child eva. ive been on here b4 and ive talked to other ppl i seemed to be getting on fine. i am finding things so hard now i thought they were ment to get betta as time goes on but just seem to get worse. christmas was so hard for me i miss him so much. the hardest thing for me to come to terms with is the man who killed my little brother is walking around asif nothing is rong. less then 2 weeks afta he killed my gorgeous little broher he returned 2 work, in the same place where he crushed him to death showin no remorse what so eva. he has ruind my whole familys lives and it doesnt bother him one little bit. im finding things so hard to cope with i cant take it anymore.
if you have read this then thanx,

Reply from: Alexis - 07 Jan 04

Subject: Hard Times

Hi Nikki,
I'm really sorry to hear that you're struggling at the moment, I found Christmas hard too.

I just want to encourage you to try and stay positive, maybe try to focus on what Harry would have wanted. Have you talked to any of your family about feeling this way? Maybe some of them are struggling right now too.

Please feel free to msg back and talk to me about how you feel, I'd like to try to help you move forward if I can.

Hope to hear from you soon, Take care.


Reply from: Nikki - 13 Jan 03

Subject: (no subject)

hi Alexis
i kno some of my family's feelin the same way but i find it really hard 2 tlk 2 them. everytime i tlk about the way i feel it just seems to make things worse.
im sorry to hear that christmas was hard for u. i really gr8ful for u always havin something positive to say it helps! its just really hard @ the moment.
Nikki x

Reply from: Alexis - 20 Jan 04

Subject: Hows it goin?

Hi Nikki,
Sorry I've taken ages to reply. How are you doin? The last couple of weeks have been hard, for me, but I'm starting to feel a bit better.

I know you were worried about burdening members of your family but I wonder if you have had an opportunity to talk to anyone about how you've been feeling?
Whether you have or not, I really hope you're feeling a little better, you know I'm here for you.

Take care, talk soon.

Reply from: Nikki - 27 Jan 04

Subject: Hi

im sorry i havent replied for a while. i hope you are feeling better.
i have been going to see a Councillor. i dont know if its helping but my mum realy wants me to try so im going to carry on for a while. ive ahd a couple of bad days but im feelin ok at the moment.
Nikki xxx

Reply from: Alexis - 29 Jan 04

Subject: Nikki

Hi Nikki,
I'm glad you're feeling a little better. I think it's good of you to keep seeing the counsellor because that's what your mum wants and maybe you will start to get something out of it too.

I wonder if you have been able to go in to school lately, I know you were finding it difficult a little while ago. I hope that when you do feel able to go, you can find some support among your friends.

I'm feeling much better, I think it was dealing with Christmas that made me feel low.

I'm going to go now but I'd like to encourage you to stay as positive as you can; and be proud of how you're coping. I'm here for you Nikki. Look after yourself.


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