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Message from: Jessica xx

Subject :nanna
I miss my nanna so much it feel like a part of me is miss and i just wont to see her and talk to her when am down i can almost feel her touching me and i miss her so much if enyone is feeling the same please reply xx

Reply from: tam
Subject : missing love
hey jess, my heart goes out to you, and while we each cope in different ways, there is an element of truth in your statement for all of us. Hang in there. x
Reply from: Vikki
Subject : i am feeling like that...
I am missing my cousin like crazy but as time goes on I am having more good days than bad, although I wish she was physically here so I could talk to her and give her a hug, it doesn't stop me from talking to her - because I believe she is here in spirit and she is with me through everything, she was always so happy and lived life to the full and I know that I will continue to live my life the way she did, and her influence will shine through me. She is my guardian angel now, and she will be forever in my thoughts, and so will your nana. Keep smiling and show your nana how strong you can be! xxx

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