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Message from: sabrina

Subject :some one plez reply x x
my mum past away in july 07, she had leukimia.
i was at the hospital when she died.
i feel so empty, "why cant you come back mum for only one more day" i say this every day. what can i do to stop feelin this way.
its messin up my life
i will allway love my mum,
and wished i could be with her xxx

Reply from: tam
Subject : your time
Hi, there is nothing that will make you stop missing your mum, but try to do all the little things for yourself to ensure your well being. This will help you cope. Take comfort in the fact that she is watching over you, and you will be reunited when the time is right. One more day would not help you, because we still would not be ready to lose the ones we love. Hang in there. x
Reply from: Vikki
Subject : Keep Strong
It may not seem that it is getting any easier, but I promise it will, of course you will always miss her, but you will get to a stage where you accept that she is gone and you will be able to continue with your life knowing she is with you in everything you do because you keep her in your memories and in your heart! So keep strong for now and you will get there xxx
Reply from: Ellie
Subject : mum dying
i lost my mum in june last year, and i still remember it so clearly.  she had a brain haemmorage, so it was very sudden and we didnt know it was going to happen, so i was in a different position to you.  but we have still both lost our mums.  i was in a mess for the first six months and was so bad that i thought about suicide all the time.  i am on antidepressants now, but the best thing i can say is find someone that you can talk to about anything, and just tell them everything.  i have found someone i can do that to, and i have felt so much better since.  i still miss her all the time, and i think about her a lot, but i dont get upset and cry like i used to.  christmas was hard, christmas eve was 6 months since she died, and things still arent right, but im finding things easier and my head is sorting itself out. 
so now i have rambled on enough...just try and find someone you can talk to about anything, and maybe you can help each other, thats what i have ended up doing.
Reply from: sabrina
Subject : thanx
thank you for ur replys,

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