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Message from: Louise

Subject : x
please someone tell me how im supposed to feel. i lost my father a year ago. and everyone thinks ive moved on, just because i dont cry. i keep bottleing it all in. and i just dont know what to do anymore. christmas tomorrow, and hes not going to be there. i know people do, but it feels like nobody cares, theyre to busy with there own lives. i just miss him so bad. you see he worked at my school, every knew him, the teachers, my friends, and i remember the day i had to go back, every1 just kinda stared at me and ddint know what to say. it was horrible. i just want to talk to someone but theres no1 i feel i can. please help me

Reply from: Vikki
Subject : I know how you feel..
I felt like that recently, I couldn't talk to my friends because they all seemed uncomfortable talking and changed the subject or just said nothing, and I couldn't talk to family because they are coping with the loss too, but I ended up talking to one of my teachers, and that really helped because she listened to what I had to say, and I think more than anything else that's what most of us want - someone to talk to, someone to listen, so maybe talk to one of your teachers or a friend, or us if you feel you can't talk to them, and tell us how you feel, because you have every right to talk and you should be listened to! xxx

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