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Message from: stephanie

Subject : i miss him so much
my brother died about two years ago and i miss him so much i just wish that my life could end so i could see him again he as the onlyone who seemed to care about me and my problems and now that he's gone i feel out of place on this earth

Reply from: vikki
Subject: be positive!
First of all I know its especially hard at christmas, but you have to keep strong hun, because your brother would want you to wouldn't he? I lost my cousin and it was sudden so I never got to tell her how I felt and I feel bad about it and I do struggle to carry on without her because she was one of my best friends, I could talk to her about everything, and its hard losing someone so close, but I know she wouldn't want me to give up, she would be upset if I did, so I keep on, I keep strong no matter how hard it is. Your brother and you were obviously close and so I am sure he wouldn't want you to wish you could just it all would he? He would want you to keep going, and to achieve everything you want to achieve, so he can still be a proud brother. Remember he is always with you! xx

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