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Message from: kevin

Subject : I wish my dad was still here.
My dad died on the 25th November 2007. I miss him so much, i've been in limbo ever since, he was my best friend and helped me so much in my life. I still can't get my head round it. Even though i knew he was going to die for a few months i don't think you ever give up hope of a miracle. He never stopped fighting or lay down to his cancer and i even went on a trip with him and my brother for a week only a month before he died. I have never and will never respect anyone as much as Dad, he was the most honest upstanding person i have ever met and i will never stop loving him. I don't know how to go on without him, though i will as he would've expected. I wish i had more time with him, i wish i could tell him i love him again

Reply from: Nicole
Subject: no subject
I'm sorry to hear that your hirt and in pain because of your dad dying. I was like you at one point when my auntie died of bowel cancer. I was upset when she was gone. she died in 2005 and i still can't forget her the perfume she used and the clothes she whore. If i could change anything it's to bring my dearest auntie back i miss her soo much . nichole xx
Reply from: tam
Subject: hang in there
Hi Kevin, I hope time heals your pain. Still tell him you love him, for as long as you carry him in your heart, life can never end.

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