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Message from: ashley

Subject : no subject
my mum died in a car crash we were both in and well my mum was driving and i was next to her my mum had been drinking and i was worried we were in the car mum didnt have her seatbelt on i did but she went into a tree and mum fell forwords smashed the car window and there she was dead and now im with my dad wishing everything was ok but it wasnt a few years later my dad died no one will tell me how but my parents were dead and my life was a mess but i soon sorted it out and now ive got a good education and i feel great but still have a hole in my heart wanting my parents back and thats my life xx thankyou

Reply from: tam
Subject: bravery
Be brave and stand tall ashley. May your pain ease. You have been through so much, but with adversity comes strength. Use it to your advantage and keep your parents alive in your heart.

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