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Message from: no name

Subject : Hard Times
hey, im having a really rough time at the moment and would just like someone to talk to.
in october last year i lost my nan to cancer, it was expected so it didnt hit me as hard. then in febuary my friend was killed in a motorbike accident, this really affected me and was really upset about it, then in october this year my cousin passed away from a blood clot, i went to see him at the chapel of rest and his face haunts me as he looked awful. i was then put onto anti-depressents cos i felt i couldnt take anymore. then to make matters worse my other nan died last friday, really cant take anymore. if there is anyone who would like to chat i would be more than grateful x x

Reply from: sarah

Subject: hi,
i know this year has been the worst of my life. my grandad died in january, then my grandpa died in july n two weeks later my granny died. i couldn't believe it i'd lost my three remaining grandparents in a year. then, i knew one day it was going to happen, but it didn't make it any easier, my big sister, she died on the 29th of november, she had, had cancer for the past 6 years. i still can't believe she's gone, she ment the world to me and i had to watch her suffer, and watch her die. she was so strong through it all and she was in control till the very end. i miss her so much and wish i could have one last hug, and tell har that i love her one last time.

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