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Message from: hayley

Subject : How do i cope now he's gone?
I miss him! Does it get any easier? My dad is gone and he isn't coming back i cant accpet it

Reply from: Kevin
Subject : Acceptance
I know how you feel, my dad will have been dead a month come xmas day and i still can't get my head around it, it has torn my heart in two and i know it will never stop hurting. I will persevere tho as he wouldn't want me to go to pieces. What can i say try your best to keep your chin up and keep occupied, keep your friends and family close and remember the good times and fond memories you had with him. I wish you all the best and truly am sorry for your loss. Find happiness and contentment in you life as it is i'm sure what your dad would've wanted. Dont let it beat you down.

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