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Message from: chlb

Subject : no subject
i lost my friend she was kidded by a member ov her family i was realli close to her she was only 2 i realli miss her and find it hard to listen to music we lisedd to or evrn wotever we did i realli loved her and went to her funeral i havent bin to her grave cos i get memories ov the night she dien n the times we had together i  use to look after her but now it hasnt realli sunk in that she has gone forever n i will never c her again ii find it hard to talk about it or even think about it but it must be realli bad 4 her family cos i lost a friend n they lost a daughter it woz her bday a couple of days ago n i lit candels to show her that i care n that i will always love her luv u casey  R.I.P casey luvv u loadzz !!!!!!

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