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Message from: kathryn and alex

Subject : My loving husband
Hi all
I am so glad that I found this site.
I thought I was the only one who feel so sad and nobody could undertand how I feel but you are all here feeling same pain.

My husband died suddenly 28/10/07 and I couldn't understand why this happend to my daughter Alex and me.  My daughter is only 9 years old and she wants to die to meet her dad in heaven.  She can't bear spending this Christmas without her loving and caring dad.

I want to die but I got to support my little daughter.  We both sat down last night talked about how we felt.  I couldn't believe that was how she felt.

We don't have family in this country.  Only three of us lived here.  It is so hard to cope without him.

We didn't have time to say good bye.  But at least he wrote little poem for us to read the night he felt he was going to die.

I would like to share this with you guys.  He was such a wonderful man and great dad.


It begins with the realisation that we have a nature, the twisted path that leads us here.  Slowly descending into the darkness.  An ever-narrowing staircase.  Breathless from fear of falling into the abyss.  Fear of losing ourselves forever.  Feeling our way with uncertain fingers. To that dark place where the door has two locks.  We light the candle in that hidden hall of mirrors. And need say nothing.

Sweet happy bunny
Lil friend of mine
Don’t bury me yet
I still have some time
To watch the next sunrise
Fill up the sky
And stand here alone
Just wondering why

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