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Message from: Becky

Subject : My Dad Died
Earlier This Year in March 2007 My Dad died, He Had Commited Suicide and i am finding it quite hard to cope. so all i want to say is that any child that has experienced this could they please give me some advice on how to cope with it.

Reply from: Max

Subject: no subject
hey man. i lost my dad too a couple of years ago, its terrible but time is a great healer. talking about it is always best. i kept it in and i had a few problems down the line. just talk to anyone, family, friend, even a total stranger, it always helps

Reply from: macauley
Subject : how to cope
i lost my dad on the 9th december and the way i coped was being close to my family. i thing i helps talking to some one who remineds u of u r dad

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