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Message from: kurtis

Subject : KIMXX
eya i do no wot to say to little james as i had 2 explain to my lil brother whos 5 that mummy will never b cumin bak

just say to him that daddy's gone but he will see him again 1 day dnt make it seem like a subject he cant tlk about or it will affect his trusting etc just tell him that allthough daddy isnt there in the room with him he carrys hioss daddy in his heart xx and that daddy will always be with him wherever he goes also try dream dates as for example say to hiom that hes gotta meet his daddy at the beach in his dreams i found that helped so much xx

i just wanted to say ireally am amazed at how well u both took it
my mums dieng of a disease like cancer and she takes it well =i used to CARE 4 HER AND I BROUGHT MY LIL BROTHER up from 6 mnths to 7 and then tried 2 top myself i cudnt take it and all i want to say is ur amazing and god bless.

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