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Message from: zara

Subject : lost my grandad
i lost my grandad 3 months ago i only said see you tomorrow,in those 2 secs i heard the loudest noise and screams i ran outside and my grandad had been hit by a car.he died due to so many injuries to his body,i keep thinking if only i spoke to him longer it wouldnt have happened.i miss him so much and i dont think he realised how much he meant to me he has been my dad really and would help you with anything,now i hate life without my grandad.

Reply from: Amy
Subject :  i lost mine too
lost my grandad to cancer and it is hard becuse he was my best friend i could talk to him about anything and he would make it all better, he was so brave he wasnt scared like i was, and that helps it is hard and no matter what people say, you decide when it gets eaiser, if you want it too.
i thought because i am the olodest i had to be strong for everyone else and subconsioysly i might still be doing it, i just want to thank you though because it helps to know that you are not alone.i hope i helped in some way thank you

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