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Message from: sophie

Subject : A Broken Heart..
My dad died on the 27th October 2004 after having a heart transplant. I always say he died of a broken heart and so did I :( I am finding it really difficult at the moment - Im having alot of rather morbid visions and cry much more than usual. I dont know what to do and am kicking myself for being so pathetic - there are people out there with real problems :(
When my Mum and brother ask me whats wrong, and my friends as well, I can't tell them its my Dad - they'll just think it's an excuse! Im trying not to be - anyone else empathise, have a story to share or have any good ways to cope with it??
Its always good to talk.

Soph x

Reply from: no name
Subject: I know how you feel x
Hi there xx
My Dad died nearly four years ago and I miss him loads. When I get upset people think its an excuse for me as well, they think cause he died so long ago then I should be over grieving. But, everyone suffers in different ways and I have never got over losing my Dad and I know that I never will. I try to get on with life and even though its hard sometimes I try to do what my Dad would have wanted me to do and feel happy about my life. My mates bless them, don't really understand but try their best to support me. I dont get angry any more, I am just happy and proud that I had my Dad with me for 12 yrs, even if things were difficult.
I know how you feel and Im always here to talk if you need to xxx
Reply from: zara
Subject: your dad
hi my grandad got hit by a car in july and i cant cope with the pain i feel inside ive wanted to be with him,he was like a dad and i saw him every day.i keep having images of what happened to him and remember seeing him laying on the road,the car that hit him was messed up and to think he got hit that hard upsets me alot but makes me mad.i have changed alot and people say the pain will go in time but life will never be the same.i know what you are going though and u do think no one understands how u feel,but the feelings we have you just cant explain.
Reply from: stephanie
Subject: i no how you feel aswell
i know exactly how you feel i am now ll 12 in 1 week and my dad died november 2006 and i was only 10 when he died  so ive been through all the pain that youve been in and it is so horrible and upsetting ik know. i was such a daddys girl and i thought i wouldt be able to live without him but i guess you have to try  to and i miss him so much i think of him every day and all the fun times we had together and all the happy mmories but anyway i wont say to much i just want to say i really do feel for you and i hope you can cope ok thank you xxxstephaniexxx

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