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Message from: XxXAMYXxX

Subject : alone
I have always been alone, all because I'm different! It really stresses me out all the time and now I'm falling behind in everything, i have stared to push my friends away and since my dad was taken into prison I cant even speak to my mum. everyone is an enemy and i'm spinning out of control, i am constantly fighting and recently the only person i can turn to is my boyfriend Tristan.
when ever i try to forget all the horrible things my family was driven to its thrown in my face by someone else, i've tried seeing somone in school and talking to them but i just break down in tears, i just cant fit in and i mean its not as if i'm a horrible person or anything because i really try, sometimes i punch the wall so hard that my fists bleed and my arms go numb but not even the pain can take my mind off where my dad is I get angry. No one understands why I'm different and all i'll ever get is greef, if it wasnt fot Tristan i would have killed myself by now, I've tried overdosing myself before but I couldnt do it!!!!!
i want it all to end!!!!!!!!!!

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