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Message from: amy

Subject : my grandad who was like my dad
im 18 and my grandma and grandad brought me up. I lobed my grandad so much he died 6 weeks ago and I feel like I have lost my left arm i just feel so alone. He did everything for me he did of a heart attack which i just didn't expect at all. I am going to university next year and it just upsets me that he will never see me go and get a good job. 

Reply from: charlie
Subject : grandad
my grandad just died 2 days ago and im relly missing him now, i was on ly told wen we got to the hospital were he waz stayin and my hart just dropped. i feel so sad now and to see my nan and mom so upset it just breks my hart even more.
Reply from: zara
Subject: grandad
i lost my grandad 3 months ago he was hit by a car.people say things happen for a reason but life stinks without my grandad that was no way to die.your grandad meant alot to u too and it hurts alot i grandad was like my dad too,i think this pain will go in time but our grandads will always be in our hearts.
Reply from: jessey
Subject: no subject
hey i know how u feel my grandad waz like a dad 2 me 2. Its really hard (my grandad has died 4 a year from last week) i have concerllin and that now 2 help me try and move on it really helps. if u need any help get bk 2 me!! xxxxxx

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