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Message from: stephanie

Subject : My dad died
My dad died on november 13th 2006 of MND its a disease to do with mustle wasting and my dad couldnt walk, talk, eat, drink, and he was in a lot of pain and i saw him like this for 2 years but the hospital says he had it longer but I and my family didnt know. When my dad died i was only 10 which is very upsetting and i was a real daddys girl to. he died 4 days after hes birthday. my birthday is on the 20th december and my dads birthday is on the 9th november and hes funeral was on the 1st december. I love and miss my dad soooooooooo much i just cant explain he means the world to me he always has been and alwyas will be and i feel like i cant live without him. he is sooooooooo special to me and i will never forget him or all of those good times we had together. (R.I.P) i love u dad.

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