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Message from: linda - 30 Sep 03

Subject: our daughter

we lost our daughter in january, sometimes the pain is so unbearable,, she was only 14, but she was profoundly handicapped , and in the end we think she just gave up.Imiss her so much, I did everthing for her and life seems so quiet now the other children keep us going, its been such a bad year all round we also lost one of our dear dogs, sometimes life seems so unfair doesn't it?

Reply from: Alexis - 01 Oct 03

Subject: Linda

Hi Linda,
Yes, life does seem so unfair! It sounds like you're having a really difficult time at the moment, I know how you feel. There never seems to be one problem or feeling to deal with, so many seem to come at once, demanding our attention. It sounds like you're managing to carry on with the rest of the family in mind, I think you're very brave!

I'm 30 and I get a lot of support from this website, the young people here can be so inspirational. I hope you get something out of it too, take care!


Reply from: oh no
Subject : hi linda
what alexes said is correct but just rember everyonre on this website is awlays careing for you me and alexes do and so does everyone else you are a good person so belive in u heart and you still have youre family luv always oh nox

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