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Message from: amiee - 25 Sep 03

Subject: my best mate

my best mate died just over 2 years ago and i miss her more than anyone can ever imagine. everyday i think and cry about her-we were so close it feels like a part of me is missing. i just want 2 hug her and say goodbye to her because i never got the chance. i miss her so much.

Reply from: carol - 21 Jan 04

Subject: (no subject)

Sorry to hear bout ur friend i lost a mate last year on the 23 of november and it was so painfull that i couldnt stop crying. But i try and think of the good times dat we all had together carol x

Reply from: Kirstie - 27 Jan 04

Subject: Friends!!

Hi there i've lost my best friend as well! She had CF and got a infection and didn't pull through! it all happened in a week!
It's hard when you lost some that close as u chose them to be your friend and they chose to be friends with you! so its a strange and strong bond, it's coming up to 3 years since i lost her and the pain is there still! It's less and different than it was but it still hurts to think that she won't just walk through the door or text or ring me! it hurts to think that she would be @ uni wiv me now and on her way in to the career she wanted we'd be having the time of our lifes but she's not her to share my happiniess on my 21st she not hear!!!!!!! but i'm getting on with my life coz i know thats what she would have wanted she would hate to see me moopin about and not getting on and enjoying life for what ever time we've got it as that what she did she enjoyed life for what time she had it, only 16 years but she liveed life the way she wanted!
My advice to you is to think, what would my friend want me to be doing, and i bet the answer is having fun like they did! so fill your friends wish and have fun!!!!!
enjoy life, forfill your dreams and always remember those close to u weather they be hear with you or up some where specail!!

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