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Message from: Nicky - 24 Sep 03

Subject: My Dad

Back in march my dad died of a heartattack.I've had to go to conssilin because i saw him die. I've got a sis whos 5 n she dont understand it all. Some days i fell ok and others i feel really bad - even though it'z been 6 months i can still remember it like it was yesturday.At times i feel like i'm the only 13yr old that knows wot i'm goin thru - but i know there is other people out there that r in da same situation as me.None of my friendz understand n they dont know how i feel.I find it really hard 2 talk 2 people about it - even my best mate.Anyway thanx 4 readin dis Nicky xXx.

Reply from: Nat - 25 Sep 03

Subject: really sorry

Hiya. last march my died after a massive heart attack as well. I was also there and i no how hard it is 2 talk to people. over the past 18 months i haved moved school 3 times and house 7 times. none of my mates understand what its like and if u need 2 tlk 2 anyone then u can tlk 2 me. I thought i was the only one this happened 2 and i was thinking of killing myself and i am really struggling now because of my GCSE's i have so much time of because of this!! i'll stop going on now and if u wanna chat u can tlk 2me!!

Reply from: janey - 30 Sep 03

Subject: my dad

i no wat u r all going though if ur dads died. my dad died 7 month ago and i miss him so much i can speak to my mates but i feel like they dont understand because there not going though it i no its hard i cry nearly every night because i didt get to say bye either and i wish i wud of done at first it was shock i didnt believe it i sed to myself why me but now its sunk in thats the worst coz im really upset i disnt see my dad for a week until he died either and i just hope he died noin i love im so much if u are going though the same thing and want to talk about it reply to this message and we can get though it together all i can say is try and be strong it will get easyer

Reply from: Nicky - 30 Sep 03

Subject: Thanx

Thanx 4 repllying 2 my message. I'm really sorry 2 hear about your dad, i suppose that even afta 18 months it still hurts.I was off school for afew weeks but i found it hard staying at home coz it gave me too much time to think about wot had happened. But even at school i find it hard sometimes. I bet moving schools made it even harder for u havin 2 leave all ure mates behind.Anyway i know i go on alot so i betta go thanx alot 4 readin my first message itz made me feel abit betta. Again i'm very sorry about ure dad n i bet u miss im loads. Thanx luv Nicky x.

Reply from: MaryAnne - 06 Oct 03

Subject: My Dad

I know what it feels like to have someone close to you die, I was 12 when my dad died the worst part was i was the one who found him. I must say that although you feel you're on your own your not, although your dad has died he is always gonna be alive in your heart and in your happiest memories. It's taken me nearly 5 years to come to tearms with his death and as you get older you start to realsie that no matter what your always going to have a part of life where you feel so alone just remember no matter how hard it gets you're never alone. I know it seems weird to say but try talking to your dad in your head you'll be suprised at how weird things can become.

Reply from: Nicky - 07 Oct 03

Subject: Thanx u 2.

Thanx u 2 4 readin my last message.And i'm really sorry to hear about ure dads i bet it's really hard.
Janey, sumtimes i cry at nite, n i fink it'z coz i'm alone n it gives me time to think about everything that's happened. It'z gud that u can tlk 2 ure mates even if they don't understand coz it'll get all ure feelings out n might make u feel abit better for abit.
Mary Anne, i never thought about trying 2 tlk 2 him in my head if i did this then maybe it would make me feel betta coz i know the kinda stuff he would say bk 2 me. I bet it's still hard 4 u even afta 5 years but maybe now u can start thinking about all the gud things u did 2getha n i feel a bit betta.
Anyway told u i went on alot.Thanx 4 readin my last message uve made me feel abit betta, i hope wot i put u in this message helps u abit 2.I hope u get time to read this.
Luv Nicky xXx.

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