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Message from: Andy - 24 Sep 03

Subject: my dad was murdered

my dad was murdered 2 weeks ago. We live in Belfast, N.Ireland and he was shout down by 1 of da Militry groups group has claimed da murder. Isnt it horrible da way dey Claim murdering ppl as if they r proud of it!!!!.
I miss him so much. He never did anything to hurt any1. He was jst walkin home from work. My mum is in bits now.
i hate da guys da did dis to my dad!!!
I miss him

Reply from: sez2003 - 25 Sep 03

Subject: im sorry

Hi Andy,
I'm so sorry to hear about your dads death. I lost my Great Aunt and my Dog (see the pets gallery) within a week of each other in February and it really hurts.
Do u mind me askin how old u are? Maybe i can try and help you.
Keep smiling - Take Care

Reply from: andy - 26 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

im 15. i shud b at skool but since Dad died i jst dont go all da time.
Thanx 4 replyin
im sorry to ere a bout ur lose

Reply from: Sez2003 - 26 Sep 03

Subject: School

Dear Andy,
Even though at time we don't want to carry on, going on with your normal routine will help. Take a day at a time. It will be hard, but please, it is the important time of your life now GCSE's and so on. Even though your Dad isn't here now, make him proud and do you're very very very best at school.
Keep Smiling

Reply from: andy - 30 Sep 03

Subject: da hearing

The court hearin about my dads death is cumin up nxt week. I bet da scum dat did dis to my dad get away wit it. It is so so so UNFAIR!!! i hate skool!!!! My mum is so upset and she always crys. i try to stay strong but its hard. i caught my mum tryin to take an over dose. I think da hearin will jst push her over da top! I hate dis. I try 4 mum but she still is so sad. She thinks da guys will cum after us. I will try to go 2 skool and try my best. When my dad was alive he wud never miss any of my hockey matches, i was only on da 2nd XI and i always tried really hard to make da 1st. He is dead noy even a month and i make da 1st XI and he will never b able to watch me!!! I jst hate life. Da hearin will b really hard but im goin to try and stay strong.
Thanx 4 all da help
: )

Reply from: gabrielle - 13 Jan 04

Subject: andy

hi andy. i'm 14, and suffered a similar loss.. my dad was murdered--by himself. i know things seem rough, but that was almost six years ago, and believe me it will get easier as time goes on. the pain will never go away, but hold on to the memories you have. if you ever need someone to talk to.., good luck

luv, gabrielle

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