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Message from: Em - 22 Sep 03

Subject: Don't like it at home

I have just come home from a bio field trip, the trip was higly amusing as i provided the entertainment with my 'rude boy' waterproof trousers (they were massive, the crotch was down by my knees, well it made me laugh anyway) as my bro says little things please little minds. Anyway back to the point, i put off coming home, due to the fact that i had to come beck to reality- the fact that mum wouldn't be waiting for me to come home so i could tell her all the 'goss'. I don't like it at home, it will never be the same again- no matter how much i try. Aaaargh so blumin difficult, why me........?

Reply from: * * * * - 23 Sep 03

Subject: em

hey em. glad you had a good trip away. i don't know whether you have the sort of belief that your mum watches over you. think about it this way, she's always going to know all the goss because she will always be with you. i know what it's like to miss someone like that...however remember that even though she may not actually BE there, she's always going to be with you. you can probably rememba the stuff she'd say when you'd tell her as well. think about it like that, she is still with you even though it might not seem like it.

Reply from: em - 26 Sep 03

Subject: thanx

hey thanx for the reply, yeh i believe that she will always be watching over me. it's just very hard,why cant she be here? i often wonder if she would be proud of me, but don't suppose there is much point wondering because i'll never find out. Hope she would be though.


Reply from: Sophie

Subject : you
i see ur point but dont heart urself. keep going find ure self a new life and remember her as a brilliant mum keep going

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