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message no. 138

Message from: rd4u team - 15 Sep 03

Subject: message 138

message 138 has been removed at the request of the person who posted it. we received two messages that were sent in reply to the message. we feel it is important to allow these messages to be posted so they appear below:

Reply from: sharon - 15 Sep 03

Subject: its not the God, its the reality

I lost my sister 9 yrs ago from a brain tumour and she was only 4 yrs old. I was 7 at the time and my sister was so pretty and I love her so much. A little while a go I used to think that God couldn't love me because He let her die and that wasn't something that should happen. But now i realise that he done it for a reason. The reality of the situation is that if she had lived longer then she probably wouldn't have had a good life ajnd I believe that God took her so young because He knows what her life was going to be and that he would rather have her in his arms to keep her safe. The fact that she died at only 4yrs old is horrendous itself, but the comfort to me is that her 'life' now is so much better because she has been saved from a life that would not have been what either her or I would have wanted. When she died I didn't know what God was or anything like that, but during my breakdown about 2 years ago I started hating God because he had taken her away from me and that isn't right. Now i understand why and I'm sure that it is the same in your case. I believe that they have all been taken to a safer place to save them, probably from a life none of us would like. Please try to think of it like that, God tries not to hurt anyone, but in the course of reality, people like you and me do get hurt. Be strong and you will get through it. It makes me mad and angry and upset, but most of all now, its makes me happy to think that she was saved by God who is now looking afer her until he feels its time to take me into his arms. Be Strong, Keep Smiling! I am thinking of you. I hope I have helped.
Take Care
Lots of Luv and Smiles :)
Sharon x x x x

Reply from: emma - 15 Sep 03

Subject: death

i now its hard i lost my baby bro aged 10. it was terrible i woundered y God had done dis to mum got real upset and took a nervous breakdown. it was terrible. i hated God 4 wat he haad done to my life, but now i know God had planned bobbys life and now his in a beta place. god has a plan 4 all of us he knows wen were goin to die and ttakes us to heaven. ur frind is safe now and she is lovin were she is, i know its hard but if u trust God he will help u understand and come to turms wit life, i ope i dnt sound pattronisin
ope everthin goes well
luv emma xxxxx

Reply from: izzy - 22 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

its really nice 2 hear other people who r chistians usin this.
i lost my mum 6 years ago and i dont think i would have got through it if i hadnt had my faith.
sorry 2 hear about your losses.
luv izzy

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