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Message from: Need help - 11 Sep 03

Subject: Can anyone relate or help, please?

Hiya, A year ago this month my dad died in a freak acciddent. I t feels like ot was yesterday. My mum is sending me to a counciller. I am ok with it but now shes got a new boyfriend. He's nice and all but its weird. I have just moved schools due to bullying and my sisters bullied me since i can remember!!!

Can anyone help me?

Reply from: *soph* - 12 Sep 03

Subject: HELP

I'm writing to you, but whether this will make any difference i am not sure. basically my dad died in 1994. It wasn't an accident. he had a heart attack, but still you can imagine to an eight yr old it was still a very big shock. so i can understand a little how you are feeling. i also know what it feels like when your mum finds someone new. because my mum has just remarried last august. however this is much easier for me to deal with, because a fair ammount of time has passed and i feel that grief and all those complicated stuff sort of sorts itself out after a bit. i also have two sisters who are very close to each other, so i know what it feels like to be the odd one out. but believe me. all you need to do is stay strong. a guidance councillor is good. hopefully they try and help you see the good that there still is in life.
i hope what i've said isn't complete waffle to you. and sorry if it hasn't helped at all.
take care and try to smile.


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