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Message from: Rachael - 08 Sep 03

Subject: missing mum

My mum died 8 months ago from cancer. its hard as its just me and dad now and i dont like talkin to him about it cos he gets upset. I hate goin to school cos me and mi best mate fell out recently and most of the time she ignores me which hurts as well.

Reply from: Em - 10 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

Hey,my mum died about 3 months ago, it brought my whole life tumbling to the ground. We were very close, like best friends and mother and daughter as we shared the same interest (horses). Now i am left with my dad and brother. I hate it at home now, so go and stay with a friend who's dad died when she was younger, this helps a lot. Do you have any one to talk to that has shared a similar experience? My dad finds it difficult to talk about things, well thats what i am prosuming as he never talks about mum. Youre dad may just need more time to get his head sorted out, i know i do. My brother has had an operation on his jaw, and had them wired together so he cant really help, bless his cotton socks!!! I think it will probably get better with time, well thats what i'm hoping. Try and talk to youre friend, i know it will be hard but do try. If that fails she isnt worth the bother. On the other hand she might not Know what to say,or how to approach you, if you get me? lodza lv EmXxxx

Reply from: anne - 15 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

it does get better my mum died almost 3 years ago now from cancer and honestly it does only get better

Reply from: Edward Bowkett - 22 Sep 03

Subject: Boys never spill their emotions

first of all to say m deeply sorry i know how it is to lose someone to cancer as i lost both my parents to the vile deseses
Secondly the reaon why men and boys alike cant talk is because they hate to spill their emotions out and they try to keep it under lock and key a message for your dad its ok to talk in fact its better to talk and get it out the way because if you keep it bottled you will feel even more miserable then you ever did.Believe me. Its the truth im a teenager myself and ive only just learnt the at when i cry and talk about things it really helps. Only a bit of advice from my pocket...
edd xxx

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