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Message from: Sez2003 - 29 Aug 03

Subject: Thanks to Max and My Great Aunt

Hi, I would like to send a thank you to my dog Max and my great aunt who died in February this year. I know that they were there for me throught my G.C.S.E's this year and because of that I'm proud to say that I achieved 6A's and 5B's. I love them so much and I know that they are happy and that they helped me.

Reply from: Alexis - 02 Sep 03

Subject: Results

Dear Sez,
CONGRATULATIONS!! Those are fantastic results! You should be really proud of yourself, what are you doing next then? Are you planning to go to college? Don't forget us on here with your exciting life ahead will you?? LOL.

Take care,
Alexis :)

Reply from: Sez2003 - 08 Sep 03

Subject: future plans

Im planning to do my a-levels and then go to uni to train to be a reception teacher.
Take Care

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