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Message from: Kirstie Sc

Subject: Feelings (can be to strong they hurt)

Hi i'm kirstie
I've been comeing to this web page since i first heard about it when i was 18! I'm now 20 and about to go off to uni!
I lost my Dad in 1996 and i never knew that feelings could hurt like that, how the pain of losing some one close could actully fizicaly hurt! Some times now 7 years on i get that pain, but i have to say the pain is going i don't get it as much! But on 24th april 01 i lost my best friend, and that pain is total different but it really does it hurts, but in a totally different way! i thought i couldn't hurt any more!
Has anyone lost there best friend and just thought they would come walking though that door again? coz now 2 years on i still expect her to come walking in or to text me or ring me asking what i'm up to! It took me a whole year to delete her moblie number from my phone, for some reason i just couldn't do it!
I'm off to uni in two weeks and i'm really scared, people keep saying to me your going on a trip of a life time! And yes i'm really looking forward to it but i'm also really scared! i'm scared i won't get time to come and visit my dad's grave or my best friends or that some how i will lose touch with my friends, that lost a best friend too, silly little things like that!
oh i don't know! i think i'm scared of my self! i know sounds strange but could be true!
got to go

Reply from: Alexis - 29 Aug 03

Subject: Feelin Strange

Hi Kirsty,
I just wanted to let you know that none of the things you have said sound strange at all! Going off to Uni is a massive step which may change your life, who wouldn't be scared?!

I can understand that losing a friend is very different from losing your dad but try to take comfort that you will feel better in time, just like you have since losing your dad.

You and your friends will never lose touch, you will have so much more to talk about when you spend college holidays together. Also, you will meet new people who have similar interests so maybe there are some new friends on the horizon!

GOOD LUCK to you for your life at college. I'm sure you will settle in sooner than you think. Just remember there are hundreds of people starting Uni for the first time too - you're not on your own!

Take care, Hugs :)

Reply from: Jen - 02 Sep 03

Subject: Kirstie

Hi Kirstie,
I started uni last year, a year and a half after my Mum died, I was really nervous about starting, but I love it now. There are so many new people and everyone helps each other out. Are you living in halls? As soon as I moved my stuff in I knocked on the door of the person next door, it made me feel a lot more confident and for the rest of the year I had someone to ask the stupidest questions to. I have some really good friends at uni, but I am still just as close to the ones at home, yes it is a bit more effort but its so good to catch up when everyones back at home, and you get to visit friends in different towns too!
Which uni are you going to if you dont mind me asking?
Good Luck! Just make sure you have a few packets of biscuits and a couple of mugs so you can have a cup of tea and a bikkie with your new friends!!
Jen x

Reply from: Kirstie Sc - 22 Dec 03

Subject: Thanks

Thanks ever so much for your messages! Sorry i didn't get back strante off! I'm @ uni now and of course i'm loving it! IT's strange but in a good way and i've made some gr8 mates! I'm @ the university of Derby! and i know my Dad and my best friend would be proud of me and what i am doin! I do miss home but who doesn't! I'm back home now for christmas and this is the hardest time of year for me! AS i was a Daddy's girl and we always had the best ever christmas's but i'm makin the most of the time with my mum, brother and my best friends Vicky & Jo and all my family and other friends!!!!
Thankyou both those messages ment alot to me!

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