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Message from: kezzyanna - 21 Aug 03

Subject: results

hi, i thought i would tell u i got my results for GCSE. i got 5 B's, 3 C's and 2 D's. i hope my dad would be proud of me. i am goin to sixth form in september. i hoped to do better, but i was a bit mixed up about fathers day and all of what had happened. i am still quite pleased though. kezs XxXxXxXx

Reply from: Jen - 22 Aug 03

Subject: Congratulations!

Hi Kezzyanna,
Those results are fantastic, and I'm sure your Dad is incredibly proud of you, and you should be too!
Enjoy your last couple of weeks of holiday! And good luck for sixth form!
Jen xxxx

Reply from: kezzyanna - 26 Aug 03

Subject: (no subject)

at the mo i dont think my dad would be proud of me i think i done rubbish. i am feelin really down, but i still put a face on for people, so they dont no wot is goin on in my head. i find it so hard to talk to people, i wish i could hear his voice, but i cant. i miss him so much

Reply from: Alexis - 26 Aug 03

Subject: Results

Hi Kez,
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Those results are fabulous! You've done 50 times better than I did. I'm so proud of you!! I was thinking of you all day on Wed. 'cos I knew it was results day.

Your dad would be so proud of you and you should be too, especially considering all the things you've had on your mind lately.

Have good last week and half of holidays! You deserve it! So, what are you doing at sixth form? A-levels? Let me know how you get on.
Love and congrats

Reply from: Alexis - 29 Aug 03

Subject: Feeling Low

Hi Kez,

I am so sorry you're feeling low. Please try to accept that you have done well in your exams; it probably doesn't feel that way right now because your dad isn't here to share it with you.

I know this time is going to be difficult for you because it's always hard when something big happens and your loved one isn't around to share it but I want you to know that I'm really proud of you anyway! I think you are such a strong young woman - to have achieved what you have and to spend time on here supporting other people is amazing! So thanks Kez, from all the msg board users, just for being you!!

I hope you're feeling better soon.
Love 'n' Hugs

Reply from: kezzyanna - 29 Aug 03

Subject: (no subject)

i am doin as/a2. i am studing pyhcology, socialogy(sorry about spellin), english lit, re and general.
its 2 and a half years on monday, and i have my dads brothers weddin on sat. i just have this goin on in my mind, if u know wot i mean.
kezs XxXxXxXx

Reply from: joe - 01 Sep 03

Subject: my dad

I know how you feel bout your dad, my dad died when i was just 4, so i dont remember him that well, but i always feel that he wouldnt b proud of my as my twin sister becky always seems to outdo me in exams and i always seem to get things wrong. It took me ages to figure it out, but when i saw what hell one of my friends was gouing through with his dad it made me realise my dad would love me anyway, like my mum does i guess.
and by the way your gcse results are great!
just keep trying the best you can and hopefully things will owrk themselfs out!

Reply from: kezzyanna - 10 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

i am now looking into the future, and things are looking brighter. i know that i will have down days, but i have to concentrate on me. i have other exams in july so i need to concentrate on them, and make my dad proud of me. xXxXx

Reply from: Kirsty - 03 Dec 03

Subject: (no subject)

you may feel bad about your results but i bet you dad was pleased with what ever you got. you can only do the best you can.
good luck with you a levels.
remember that your dad is probabily looking down on you smiling, why? becasue he knows that you did you best and that was all anyone could ask for.
good luck in your a levels and your future.

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