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Message from: Alexis - 21 Aug 03

Subject: For Sophie and Lorraine

Hi girls,
I've lost my mum too so I know a bit about what you may be feelin. One of the things I decided to do when it was mums first anniversary was to make a memory box; I found a beautiful wooden box that I liked (and I knew she would love) and filled it with the precious things I have of hers; jewellry, pictures, cards. Each year at the anniversary I take it out and as the years pass it gets easier, I still have a little cry when I look at those memories but it gets easier each year; now I smile at some of the things too! Maybe you could try something like that, it's something that's just between me and her and that keeps it special!

Take care both of you
Alexis :)

Reply from:Kiara

Subject: Sorry

Sorry to hear that. :-(

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