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Message from: Sez2003

Subject: I'm feeling so low

I feel as if I keep falling down and down and down. I don't seem to be getting over losing one of my dogs and my great aunt. I'm hurting so much and yet its been nearly six months. surely this isnt normal. can anyone help me?

Reply from: kezzyanna - 01 Aug 03

Subject: (no subject)

i am still feeling low at the death of my dad and that has been 2 years. it is normal, and people react with loss in different ways (as everyone tells me). Talk to people dont let your hurt grow until you break down. Kezs xXxXx

Reply from: Sez2003 - 05 Aug 03

Subject: its so hard.

Thanx for your reply, I find it so hard though. Its really hard to cope when I have to take my other dogs to the vets or when i see pictures of my great aunt and dog and it hurts so much. I don't think I'll ever get over it

Reply from: Ali - 05 Aug 03

Subject: dont worry

6 months is hardly any time at all. My dad died in April and everything since then has just been a blur. I havn't even began to get over it so there is no reason you should have. Don't worry it will get easier.

Reply from: Sam - 06 Aug 03

Subject: Kez

I would like to say I agree with Ketz, it is hard but it does help to talk about it. I know 6 months seems a long time when your hurting so much, I find it helps to think of the good times and am thankful that I had those special people in my life at all. Their memory will always be with you and it will get easier - Honest

Reply from: Sez2003 - 07 Aug 03

Subject: (no subject)

I really don't wanna b here anymore

Reply from: Kezzyanna - 08 Aug 03

Subject: (no subject)

i have felt like that but focus on things that will happen near in the future that you will enjoy. that is wot i do, even though it is hard, it makes you want to stay hear, to see that event/ to get that something of someone. i am goin away 2morrow, down south to see me dads grave, i am stayin with my step family but it is still goin to be very hard. just focus. Kezs XxXxXx

Reply from: Becky Simpson - 01 Sep 03

Subject: (no subject)

My dad died 10 years ago and i still miss him and my best friend died just under a year ago and i dont know what to do with myself sometimes.
I know it's hard but you just have to let your emotions out and try to think of all the good times you had with them. If you talk to somone who has shared the same loss (like a brother of sister of parent or friend) then you can talk it over together. I found talkin bout my dad to my brothers really helped when my dad died.
I hope i may have helped and good luck for the future!

Reply from: s

Subject: (no subject)
hiya, my sister died six weeks ago. Although i miss her a great deal, im also happy for her, as i know that this is what she wanted. The way that i look at it is that although she is gone and i will never see her again, i know that she is finally at peace with herself and is finally away from all of the torment and pain that she was suffering whilst she was alive. I think that you should just remember the googd times whilst they were alive. I hope you stop hurting soon

Reply from: tanya, 28 Sep 07
Subject : elo
i fell sori 4 u n u i have ;lost ma bbros so i no how u fell hunnie write bk
Reply from: rachel
i feel the same both my grans died one 2 days after the other adn then 2 years later my uncle died and im felein so low the only time i feel kinda happy is wen im at school. me and my mum r always arguein and id rather not be at home because i find it more depressng at home. i try to stay out later and that but it doesnt work. but i no how ur feelin
Reply from: grace
Subject: hi
myy mum died about 4 weeks ago i prople feel thesame as u. dont u feel u have people out there that are think of people just like u so i am think about you dont forget that

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